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We all know some heroic tales of humans of incredible substance who endured the unthinkable to achieve the unimaginable. I would gravitate to Amundsen, Shackleton and Hillary but there are many others, women and men. True giants of humankind. No one would deny that their exploits were true adventures. I am humbled by them and doubt I could match their deeds. I doubt many of us could. And herein lies the problem…


This admiration for the possibly unattainable can smother the spirit of adventure. This is wrong, very wrong.

An adventure is actually something far far simpler…


“Adventure:  An unusual and exciting or daring experience.”

Unusual and exciting? Think about it. This is great news. It means that true adventure is accessible. It is personal to you. Unusual for you. Exciting to you. It means adventure suddenly has the potential to be a daily occurrence.

Set yourself the challenge, next time you go for a walk or ride; go further, take a different route or path. If you see something interesting, or perhaps you have walked past something for years, go and explore! Be insatiably curious!

You see adventure isn’t fully about insane exploits, it’s about pushing the boundaries of your normality. In probing your limits you will  become a better version of you.


What could be more worthwhile?

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