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We all seek adventures but sometimes it's nice to have someone who has done a few already or knows the area really well help us.

Dartmoor is an ancient landscape steeped in legend, history and magic. It occupies 954 square kilometres of south west England. As such it represents one of the last wildernesses in the UK. It’s changeable climate and deceivingly hostile landscape has earned it a reputation as a beautiful but unforgiving place.

"Soft Guiding" is my name for everything from friendly advice to riding with you and supporting you for the trip. Dartmoor bikepacking is a not for profit enterprise. If you would like to offer a donation in return for our help then that would help support this project but there is no obligation. I am not in this to make a profit. It's about sharing the passion.

To be totally clear, I am not a qualified mountain guide. There are some excellent companies that do that in these parts. However, I am highly experienced in being on the moor, have spent many years in the local Mountain Rescue team and know the area very very well.

So if you would like help with a route, kit advice or more. Get in touch and ask!

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